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About Valerie Revering, LMT, CST
Valerie Revering has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in Arizona since 1987.  She has developed Biomechanical Restructuring and maintains a thriving practice in the Phoenix area.  Her technique is different, as she retrains the muscles and bones of the body to work together, thereby achieving better results with less effort.  Her treatments have longer-lasting effects and her patients get better faster.
Valerie Revering
Graduate of PTMC, 1987

Developer of Biomechanical Restructuring

Trained in Craniosacral Therapy
Student of Zero Balancing

Valerie Revering became a "body-dork" at the age of 7 when she was hanging on a swing set by her knees and the bar broke, coming down inside of her knee.  As her mother ran out of the house panicked, she looked up and said "Mom, did you know that bones aren't white?  They're a very pale shade of gray." She was terribly upset that the doctor had to stitch up the wound as she wanted it for show and tell.  

At the age of 11, she suffered a fall in which she fractured a vertebrae and dislocated the top left half of her rib cage. She began working on her own body because it was the only thing that made it feel better.  She became the person people wanted to sit in front of in high school because they were guaranteed a shoulder rub.  

She told her high school guidance counselor that she wanted to go into the massage field but her counselor dissuaded her because "people that do massage are prostitutes." She went to school for interior design because that's what was expected of her after her parents got over the fact that she wasn't going to be a nun, and in her second year of study everything changed.  She was living in Minnesota and that was the year that the state of Minnesota received 53 inches of snow in 17 hours.  She was helping a friend look for post-secondary education in Phoenix, Arizona, because her friend was tired of being cold.  While perusing the yellow pages of the Phoenix phone book, she found a listing for Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College.  She called, was accepted, sold everything that she had and went to Phoenix with 2 suitcases and $750.  

She attended Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College, graduated in 1987, went to work for a physician named Alan Abromovitz for 6 years, then went out on her own.  She has a thriving practice in Phoenix and she also travels regularly to Pittsburgh, PA, and occasionally to other places to see clients.
Basic Premises of Biomechanical Restructuring:

1) The body is always trying to correct itself.

2) Muscle spasms do not happen without reason.

3) Pay attention! If the body speaks, listen! Listen for borbarygmus!  That is when the stomach grumbles for no apparent reason. It is telling you that you are on the right spot!

4) Pain is NOT an aspirin deficiency.

5) If you flex one muscle, the antagonist WILL relax.

6) Some of the problems people have are simply dehydration, especially fascial issues.

7) If a bone is out of position, a muscle that attaches to it will try to correct it! Sometimes they over correct and end up playing tug of war on the bone. You can use the muscles to correct the position of the bone by having those muscles contract while holding onto the bone.

8) If you move the bone, and the muscles are still tight, they may pull it back out again, THEREFORE if you release the muscles and do not correct the position of the bone, the effects will be temporary.

9) You are not going to be able to fix it if the pain is part of their karma.