Valerie Revering, LMT, CST

Biomechanical Restructuring Classes
Biomechanical Restructuring classes are offered to bodyworkers and body "dorks" that want to learn how to help bodies heal instead of just rubbing them.  This technique makes your practice more effective and much more lucrative, as patients who get better faster refer more.  Our method of teaching is truly hands on and you WILL understand and be able to perform the technique at the completion of the class.

Classes are 2 days, usually Friday & Saturday, from 9-5, and include the breaks required by the NCBTMB. 
14 CEU credits are offered upon completion of the class. .

BMR1 focuses on the most common physical complaints, such as neck, lower back, and hip pain.  In BMR1, you will learn to recognize when a displaced tendon is creating the physical symptoms & you will learn how to put the displaced tendon back into its proper place to create optimum benefit for your patient.

In BMR2, you will focus more on the older deeper injuries to the core of the body that create recurrent dysfunction throughout the body.

BMR3 focuses on helping couples conceive, bodywork for an easier pregnancy, postpartum, and pediatric work 
**For everyone's safety, class sizes are limited, occasional mask usage and social distancing required!!

Upcoming BMR1 classes are as follows:  

August 12-13th, 2022

February  10-11th, 2023

August 11-12th, 2023

February 9-10th, 2024

Upcoming BMR2 Classes:  

October 7-8th, 2022

April 7-8th, 2023

October 6-7th, 2023

April 5-6th, 2024

To register for a class, please print out the registration form from the link below and submit with a deposit of $50.  Classes held in Phoenix are $350  The balance will be due the morning of the class.  Please make sure the form is submitted one month before the scheduled class.  If you're interested in attending a class and it's less than one month until the scheduled start date, please contact us to see if there is space available.

Please click on the links below to view video footage from a recent BMR1 class.

          Biceps head repositioning                                Iliotibial band repositioning                       Iliotibial band and carpal tunnel stretch
Photos from one of our classes!
To register for a BMR One Class, click on the link below.  Submit registration form with $50 deposit to
hold your space.
To register for a BMR Two class, click on the link below. You must have completed BMR One to take  BMR Two. Submit registration form with a $50 deposit to hold your space.